RINGO has been invited to attend the 7th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in European Aeronautics Research” that will be held in Warsaw (Poland) on 26-29 September 2017, at the modern Conference Centre of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.
The 7th EASN Conference is expected to be, like its predecessors, a major dissemination event for running research projects, as well as it will offer the Aeronautics community a forum to discuss on policies and actions supporting the advancement of aeronautics in Europe.
In this frame, RINGO will participate at this event providing an overview of the project, as well as its initial findings and achievements. In addition, RI presentations will be delivered by ACARE WG5 and EREA. Moreover, RINGO will have the opportunity to collaborate, interact and exchange useful information and lessons learnt with representatives of several relevant “Support Actions for Coordinating Research in the Field of Aeronautics & Air Transport”, such as CAPPADOCIA, CATER, OPTICS, FORUM-AE and RADIAN.

Keep following us for updates on our participation in this conference!