We are excited for our first round of workshop sessions on the existing and future needs of aviation research infrastructures. The first workshop started on the 11th of March and will go on until the 13th. The Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio in Madrid is kindly hosting it. The ongoing workshop covers the topics of icing systems, air transport research, ATM & airport, aircraft avionics & systems, automation & Human Factors, and drones & personal air vehicles, helping us collecting experts’ opinions on what research infrastructure Europe needs for the future of aviation research.

After that, on the 14th of March we will move to the World ATM Congress to give a speech at the Nokia ATM Theatre. Starting at 10:00, we will present the objectives and results of the RINGO project, with the following agenda.

14th of March 2019, h10:00-13:00. Nokia ATM Theatre, World ATM Congress, Madrid.
RINGO: Research Infrastructures Needs, Gaps and Overlaps