Recently, the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe (ACARE) Working Group 5 invited RINGO to attend their regular meeting. The ACARE WG5 is responsible for monitoring the development of the resources we need in the European aerospace sector. This does include both the people and the facilities.

RINGO gladly accepted the invitation and attended the meeting on April 2, 2019. During the meeting, the project presented its first results, the status of the project and planned activities. The attendees discussed them in a very positive and fruitful manner. In addition, RINGO collected feedback from the WG5 members who took part directly in the project activities.

As a main output of the meeting, a very tight connection between RINGO undergoing tasks and WG5 current job, in support of the European Commission, has been highlighted. WG5 also confirmed its full support to RINGO project in the ongoing and following tasks.