RINGO workshops on aviation research infrastructures needs and gaps were successful

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RINGO project recently held three workshops to assess the needs of aviation research infrastructures towards the goals of Flightpath2050. The workshops were successful, contributing to identify existing and future gaps and overlaps, useful for the further course of RINGO. Held in the framework of the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”, the [...]

RINGO workshops coming soon

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We are glad to announce that a set of three workshops will be organized soon in the framework of the RINGO project to collect information about needs of aviation research infrastructures to fulfill the goals of Flightpath2050 that specifically concern the research fields of “Production and Mechanics”, “Aerodynamics” and “Aeroelastics”. The workshops will be held in [...]

Back from TRA2018

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As previously announced, RINGO attended the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018 held on 16-19 April in Vienna (Austria). RINGO was present with a poster, presented by the Aachen University, illustrating the project and its objectives. With its focus on coordination and economic aspects of European transport research, TRA2018 offered a good occasion to present RINGO, whose [...]

RINGO at TRA Conference 2018

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We are glad to annouce that RINGO will be in Vienna (Austria) to attend the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018, to be held on 16-19 April. The project will present its paper "The RINGO project, identifying research infrastructure needs and gaps to foster innovation in aeronautical research in Europe". TRA is an arena for researchers, companies [...]

RINGO at CEAS 2017

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RINGO has recently attended the workshop on Research Infrastructures organised in the frame of the 6th CEAS Air & Space Conference, held in Bucharest (Romania) on 16-20th October, 2017. The workshop focused on current status and future development needs and directions for the worldwide Research Infrastructures and hosted presentations from institutions coming from all over the [...]

RINGO at the 7th EASN International Conference on Innovation in European Aeronautics Research

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Photo courtesy: Institute of Aviation, Poland As anticipated in a previous news, RINGO was invited to attend the 7th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in European Aeronautics Research”, held at the Conference Centre of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, Poland on the 26-29 September 2017. The RINGO project was presented in two sessions. In the morning [...]

RINGO meets the ACARE WG1

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RINGO attended the 25th meeting of ACARE WG1, responsible for the topic Meeting Societal & Market Needs. In order to foster participation within the five Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe(ACARE) Working Groups, RINGO has been presented during the 25th ACARE WG1 meeting held in Madrid on September 19th. The meeting was intended to coordinate the [...]

RINGO @ACARE WG5 meeting

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On the 29th of August 2017 the RINGO project was presented to the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe (ACARE) Working Group 5 at their regular meeting. The ACARE WG5, which is responsible for the topics Infrastructures and Education, is tasked with the definition of a European Roadmap for Validation Infrastructure to pave [...]

RINGO at the 7th EASN International Conference

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RINGO has been invited to attend the 7th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in European Aeronautics Research” that will be held in Warsaw (Poland) on 26-29 September 2017, at the modern Conference Centre of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. The 7th EASN Conference is expected to be, like its predecessors, a major dissemination event for [...]

RINGO officially started

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RINGO kick-off meeting was held on the 16th of March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The event was kindly hosted by DLR, project coordinator. The meeting was introduced by Reiner Suikat, project coordinator. At the beginning of the meeting the project officer Daniele Violato presented the contribution of INEA to H2020 aviation research, rules and regulations to [...]