In order to collect first hand information from people actually dealing with research infrastructures, the RINGO project has just launched a survey intended to explore which research infrastructures are needed to achieve the European vision for the aviation and air transportation sector stated in the Flightpath 2050 Goals.

We would appreciate if you could share with us your opinion participating into the survey. Your input is of great importance for us, and it will require no more than 15 minutes of your time!

Please consider that thematic workshops will be also organised shortly. Should you be interested in participating into the workshops, please indicate it in the survey by checking in the dedicated box.

As it is very important to collect responses of as many experts as possible, if you know other experts in the aviation sector who could be involved in the survey, feel free to let them know about the survey! Experts in different fields can contribute, as the survey covers 18 topics, including avionics, Human Factors, ATM, drones, safety, security, intermodality, and environmental impact.

Thank you very much for helping us identify needs, gaps and overlaps in the European Research Infrastructure landscape!