A harmonised approach to maintaining, operating and investing in key aviation research infrastructures is needed at European level, as investments and maintenance costs are reaching levels that cannot be easily covered by individual organisations or countries.


RINGO is a Coordination and Support Action providing a cohesive and coordinated approach for the identification and assessment of the aviation research infrastructures needed in Europe. It aims at:

  • Identifying needs for aviation research infrastructures according to FlightPath 2050 goals and challenges at European level.
  • Building a catalogue of existing aviation research infrastructures in Europe.
  • Identifying gaps (needed aviation research infrastructures currently not existing) and overlaps among existing aviation research infrastructures by matching the identified needs with the catalogue.
  • Proposing sustainable and innovative operating business models for large aviation research infrastructure.

Flightpath 2050 provides Europe with a vision for aviation and air transportation, identifying long-term goals for policy makers and the research community alike.
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ACARE developed the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), a roadmap providing guidance on what is required, when and how to move towards the vision provided by FlightPath 2050.
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Research Infrastructures are facilities, resources and related services used by the scientific community to conduct top-level research in their fields. The definition covers different kinds of entities of a unique nature essential to achieve excellence in research.[Source: EC]


RINGO involves an advisory group of experts from key stakeholders in the European aviation community.
Workshops, interviews and surveys involving the advisory group are organised to assess and investigate relevant FlightPath 2050 topics within the RINGO study.



September 2018 – Research Infrastructures Landscape

Catalogue of aviation research infrastructures available in research establishments, universities and industrial sites in Europe.

November 2019 – Report on needs for future Research Infrastructures, gaps and overlaps

Report on aviation research infrastructures needed to reach Flighpath 2050 goals, including overlaps among existing aviation research infrastructures and gaps of infrastructures not yet available.

January 2020 – Report on funding resources

Report on sustainable funding plans for maintaining, operating and investing in key aviation research infrastructures in Europe.

February 2020 – Report on successful business models

Report on different applicable business models and strategies for sustainable operation of key aviation research infrastructures.


After RINGO, the ACARE Roadmap will finally consist of a description of the demands for future Research Infrastructures and provide an elaborated overall concept of infrastructures and timelines, which will facilitate research activities, create scope for new inventions, and provide significant innovation to prepare the aviation sector in Europe for achieving the long-term goals.